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Family Law expert writes book for women on divorce

Helping Women On How To Divorce Family Law Issues

To Women Everywhere,

These days, infidelity and cheating spouses seem to be all around us. None of us ever set out on the path of marriage with the expectation that we will later be confronted with signs of cheating or a cheating spouse or just plain marriage problems, often leading to separation and divorce. We know that it happens to lots of other couples but when it comes to a woman and divorce, we never really think that it will ever happen to us! So, when we are faced with cheating signs and infidelity or marriage breakup, we're seldom ready for divorce law, the divorce process and just how to divorce .

Marriage breakdown is often about infidelity, cheating, signs of an affair, separation, divorce planning, dissolution of the marriage and resolving issues ranging from domestic violence cases, property disputes and financial settlements, alimony (spouse maintenance), child custody law, access / visitation rights, child support services right through to whether you can possibly save the marriage. One way or the other for a woman and divorce, it usually involves confusion, loss, grief, betrayal, anger, frustration, failure, depression, trauma, fear and ultimately, acceptance (even where a marriage reconciliation is possible).

Does any of this sound familiar? Divorce IS a very difficult and confusing time. Apart from a lot of mixed emotions, we often simply do not know where to begin. Often, there can be worring issues such as what signs of cheating should I look for or how to tell if your husband is having an affair. If you keep asking yourself "Is My husband cheating" or "Is my husband a cheating spouse?", then you'll want to read this…

Either way, you may need to ask yourself, "Do I want to save my marriage?". IF you could save your marriage ......but you don't know where to start, then get yourself a copy of: -

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Of course, it may be that you're the one unhappy in the relationship and have just had enough. Sometimes, relationships just run their course. Maybe it is time to tidy things up and move on with the next chapter of your life!

You may also need to consider divorce laws relating to the possibility of an annulment of your marriage IF at the time you got married you were under undue influence, the victim of fraud or even plain drunk. However, annulment is not easy to get because most people who get married do know what they are doing at the time and there are not too many instances of fraud, duress or undue influence so divorce is more likely to be the only recourse.

If separation and divorce are inevitable, then there are a number of steps and stages involved, but getting a handle on practical issues that may affect you NOW is very important, as these short-term decisions can have long-term consequences.

Let's look at these initial steps: -

STEP 1: Start by removing some of the confusion that you're probably feeling right now. Many husbands try intimidation (standover tactics) as a way of making their spouse feel inferior and vunerable. You can avoid this by getting a handle on the practical issues involved, the options open to you, your own reactions and what your legal rights and entitlements are. Once you have done this, you'll begin to feel a little bit better.

The cheapest and best way to do this is to get yourself a copy of the womens' divorce guide, "How To Win When Facing Divorce". This is an instant downloadable ebook written by a divorce attorney, Barry Roche, especially for women. The author is also a consultant expert and writer for Divorce and Women. This ebook touches on the main legal issues associated with divorce and also provides great practical tips on how to deal with issues that you may very well be confronted with right this minute. Another important aspect covered in the ebook is how to avoid the emotional traps that cause so many women to feel like victims when it comes to marital breakup and divorce.


Womens Divorce Guide - How Women Can Win When Facing Divorce
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STEP 2: Read "How To Win When Facing Divorce" and take any practical steps that immediately apply to you.

STEP 3: Locate a Family Law Divorce Attorney in your area. Click on the "Divorce Lawyer" link here or in the menu in the top left-hand column of this page and then check through to see if there is a suitable divorce attorney or law firm close to where you live. Whether you are searching for a divorce lawyer in Texas, California, New Jersey, Florida, Illinois, New York, Canada, the United Kingdom or even Australia, you'll find a link to someone who should be able to help you. If not (remember, the world is a big place), contact the Law Society in your Capital City and ask for a list of divorce lawyers in your location who specialize in separation and divorce law.

***Before contacting any of these law firms, do a search on the Internet for Divorce Courts in your State and have a good look around their website. Good websites, such as the Family Law Court websites, will often give a good idea as to the normal procedure, court filing fees and relevant court forms.

STEP 4: Decide if you need some legal advice and/or representation. This may sound odd but there are lots of people who actually represent themselves to obtain a divorce decree. In many cases, a party may simply want to apply to dissolve the marriage. In a lot of jurisdictions throughout the Western world, this is often a relatively simple process - particularly if it is a "No Fault" jurisdiction or where the Application is for an "Uncontested Divorce Decree ". Unnecessary legal fees are something we can all do without!

Of course, separation and divorce is often accompanied by other family law issues arising out of the breakdown of the marriage. Issues as to child custody and visiting rights, property disputes, domestic violence and so on are all complicating factors that often need some intervention by the courts. Having proper legal representation in these circumstances, can be crucial to the outcome. Consequently, we strongly suggest that you at least know what your legal rights are and to ensure that your interests are protected so far as possible.

STEP 5: Contact the lawyer by phone first, where possible. The reason for this is that you may have some issues that need to be addressed IMMEDIATELY or you may at least need to know where you stand RIGHT NOW on certain matters. Sometimes a quick call to an experienced lawyer is enough to put your mind at rest.

***When it comes to legal advice and/or legal representation, some lawyers will charge you based on a set Court Scale of Fees while others will charge much higher fees under their own Retainer Agreement. Again, don't be afraid to ask.

Download the following DIVORCE FORM - Essential Details For Family Law Matters for free. Your divorce lawyer will need these details as well. This Form is FREE and will save your lawyer some time (which means it will save in legal fees). Make sure you print out the form, complete the details as best you can and then take the form with you when you do consult a divorce attorney.

FREE download of the DIVORCE FORM - Essential Details For Family Law Matters

Check out all the resources and divorce information you can by visiting the links in the menu at the top left-hand corner of this website.

DISCLAIMER: - The legal information on this website is not a substitute for legal advice. Each case depends on its own merits and you should consult an attorney for specific legal advice in relation to your particular case.